Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Steamed

This guy goes back to 1942 to describe why he hates UGA.

He throws in a mix of football and basketball, running up the score allegations, and NCAA violations.

Hates Georgia

I am going over to the UGA Rivals basketball board to post the article and ask for response.

I think SI did a good job of talking about Florida's issues, but it's too old to mention some of the more recent stuff.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Stinks to me

I guess some would call it smart. I'm not impressed.

We need to clean up college sports. We have seen enough Reggie Bush situations, enough O. J. Mayo shady-sounding transactions. The "optics" of the recruitment of Orton should have demanded that Gillespie go out of his way not to pay Orton family members. Kentucky, with its reputation and facilities, doesn't need it.

If they are such great AAU coaches and speakers, I wonder how much the dad and the brother will earn in speaking fees next year, now that Orton has committed. I wonder if UK paid any other two members of one family for speaking fees, or for that matter, for any other purpose throughout the university system.

Bad for basketball. It's not even good for the family.

Felton, don't stop what you're doing. I'd rather see you develop the lesser-ranked players that you have recruited honestly, complying with the letter and the spirit of the rules.


Dennis Felton's Big Red Challenge

I like the way the article ended. IU's "soul is not for sale."

That's the exact way I feel about UGA basketball. Let's make it a program that former athletes and other school supporters can feel proud of again.

The SEC Tournament Championship was a huge boost. Now, let's win 20 games and move forward in recruiting. I'm greedy.


ABH on UGA Hoops

The Athens Banner Herald put out a good article on the UGA Hoops squad.

The highlights are the following:

1) Howard Thompkins has twisted his ankle

Another setback for Thompkins. He is so talented that I really want him to be in game shape to start the season. However, twisted ankles are part of basketball, and they take a lot longer to heal than one would expect.

2) Albert Jackson wants to lead the team in rebounding

I want him to, as well. Dennis Felton has said that he wants to be the best rebounding team in the country. We finally have the big men in Athens to consider great rebounding to be a possibility for a UGA team. Even still, someone has to "own it." Good for Jackson to challenge himself and make rebounding a personal priority.

3) Dustin Ware has impressed

Ware has made a bid for starting at point, and I'm not surprised. I don't like Felton's reaction that Swansey would play the off-guard position. He must have his reasons. But I think Swansey is a point guard. That's his skill set. On the defensive side of the equation, he's too small and is not the kind of player that can shut down the other team's best scorer. That's what you want a two-guard to do. Besides that, I can't figure out who we would bring in as back-up point guard if either Swansey or Ware gets in foul trouble. If Ware wins the competition, start him, and bring Swansey in with a talented second unit. There will be plenty of playing time.

Hoops Notebook

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jeremy Jacob to Arkansas? has a free article on Jeremy Jacob.

The highlights were the comments from Jacob's current JUCO coach, and the update on Jacob's recruiting. In scrimmages during the pre-season, Jacob has played tough defense and scored well in the post.


As for his recruiting, Jacob lets it be known that Arkansas is his favorite. I had thought earlier that he would have been UAB-bound, but Arkansas impressed Jacob with the facilities, and his JUCO coach knows Pelphrey well.

Arkansas could be a great place for Jacob, but I don't get it. Georgia defeated Arkansas in Arkansas in 2006/2007, and in 2007/2008, Felton dispatched them twice, beating them by 13 at home and by 9 in the SEC Tournament.

Arkansas did bring in talent in its 2008 recruiting class, but they lost 5 players to graduation, and a sixth, Patrick Beverly, was dismissed from the team. It's not like Pelphrey will be easier to play for than Felton.

Why put your college career back another year by transferring to a JUCO and then going to a team that is arguably worse than the one you left? Perhaps it was the issue of playing time, but something else must be involved here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Derrick Favors to Tech?

Sounds like it.

I had seen in the Memphis press that Favors did not make a rumored upcoming visit with John Calipari's squad. Then, on the AJC blog, a reader reported that Favors did not go to Memphis because he was at Georgia Tech again.

We'll see how it all ends up. I trust that in Favors' case, he has smart advisors, and that Favors will go to a place that is best for him. Favors' high school coach, Coach Michael Reddick, has indicated that instead of waiting until April 2009, Favors will decide in November. Sure hope it ends up being UGA.

Red and Black on Senior Leadership

The Red and Black has a good article on Dennis Felton and the senior leadership on this year's basketball squad.


It will be hard to replace Sundiata Gaines and David Bliss. Add to that, the loss of Billy Humphrey, and the team is very young again.

Good to see the Red and Black step up and put out some articles on basketball.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Defense will be Tough for Tech

Well, Georgia Tech has lost D'Andre Bell for the season, and possibly for his career. Bell was diving for a loose ball when his head collided with another teammate's leg. Bell was later diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spine, for which surgery will be required.

Bell was second on the team in steals, behind only post player, Jeremis Smith. Since Smith graduated last year, and Bell will not play this year, Tech is not expected to be as good defensively as last year. Bell is a strong, aggressive, perimeter player, so Tech will have to find someone else to step up, and Clinch and Shumpert are the guys who will likely have to move from a more offensive focus to concentrate on defense.

Bell may come back next year. If he does, I'm not sure how that will affect scholarship numbers for Tech. You have to pull for the young guy, and hope he makes it through his surgery with flying colors.