Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guess Florida will win the East

They're outplaying Mizzou right now.

It would half-way save the season to go down to Jacksonville and whup 'em.  Just frustrating to see them turn it around so quickly.  Meanwhile, UGA seems stuck in neutral.

Arkansas up 7 to 3 on Alabama

at the half.

Game is in Tuscaloosa.  Who would have figured this?  Arkansas came in with a 2 and 3 record.

True, Alabama is beating the Hogs statistically, but it's the scoreboard that counts.  Arkansas is doing just enough to stay with the Tide.  Arkansas could win this thing, although I expect Alabama to take over in the second half.  Could end up a 24 to 7, or 31 to 7 game.

Don't Like This Team Without Chubb

I'm a UGA fan, of course, and still hope we win some games.

I just don't see how we do it without Nick Chubb.

QB play is not strong enough.  Play-calling seems weak to me.  I know Richt likes a pro-style offensive scheme, but that's heavily predicated on effective QB play.  If our season comes down to how well we pitch and catch, the other guys with the mobile quarterbacks and the spread option are going to eat our lunch.

If the QB Battle was so Close

why not play the guy that can pass and run?

UT is doing that, and they're eating us up.  Not saying that Bauta is similar to Dobbs, but at least give the defense something to think about.

Now that Chubb is down, we need something more from our offense.  It's time.

By the way, what's up with our kicking game?

When you can't watch the action, your thoughts go back to questions like that one.

Punts, field goals.  Both look messed up.

My computer is hanging up again

Cue a big play.  Either UGA or UT will have one.  Gotta be.

Once Again, I Step Away

to talk with the family and miss a big play.

Come on, Dawgs.  Pull this one out.

We're losing and will likely lose this one

I don't like our offensive scheme.

Their offense makes us cover the whole field.  They have a man sprinting across, running at full speed.  We have to account for him.

They have a quarterback who can run.  We have to account for him.

Then they can do the normal hand-offs, straight dive, trap plays, etc.

It's almost with our system, plays have to be blocked perfectly because everyone knows where the ball is going.

And since we're not having any sustained drives, our defense is wearing down.  How many three and outs have we had in the last two games?

Okay, CBS, Offensive Coordinator, Earn Your Money

Tie game, and our offensive line is not winning the battle up front.  Without Nick Chubb, we need to mix things up a bit.

Computer got hung up

just when Reggie Davis scored on the punt return.  We were up 24 to 3.

By the time I closed the window and reopened it, they had made a couple of plays.  Saw them score the touchdown.  Stepped away for just a minute, and they had the ball back deep in our territory.  Incredible how quickly games turn around.

We need Michel to keep his head in the game.

We're up 24 to 17 still, but they get the ball first.  They have all the momentum, and their crowd is back in the game.

Let's win this for Chubb!

Okay, We're Winning

but I feel terrible.

Prayers for Chubb.

The Neyland Curse

If there were such a thing as the Neyland Curse, it only took one play for it to strike again.

Maybe it should be renamed "The Kneeland Curse".

Lambert looks out-matched again

Hard to win now.

100-yard game streak ends

Hate that for Chubb.

Ties Herschel's record, but doesn't break it.

Chubb would have had a huge game, too, as committed as we are to the run.

Yikes. Looks like Chubb Passed Out

Did I see that right?  I was wondering why they were walking him to the locker room after that significant an injury.  His eyes didn't look right.

Horrible Looking Injury for Chubb

The season just flashed before my eyes.

Hope we can bounce back, but it looks like whatever we do for the year, it will be without Nick.

What is it about playing here?