Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can't Figure Out Fox

You mean to tell me that Crump and Harris shot lights out last game, and can hardly get on the court at all this one?  We all know that Morehouse is not an elite defensive team, but your freshmen surely showed you something!  

Parker shoots 0 percent (0 for 5) from the floor, and Kenny Paul Geno shoots 20 percent (1 for 5)--  and still just 2 minutes for Harris and 0 for Crump?

The Marquette defenders were hardly even sticking Kenny Paul Geno or Juwan Parker.  They played token defense on Turtle Jackson.  None of those three can create off the dribble.  

Sure, I was disappointed that Jordan Harris had two turnovers.  But you've got to let him play through those.  Juwan Parker also had two turnovers.  He played for 22 minutes.  And he was largely ineffective.  

To take away a good three-point shooting team's consistency, you have to make them work.  As their legs get tired, their shooting percentage will go down.  

As long as Kenny Paul Geno and Juwan Parker stand around and don't have to be guarded, Marquette could double-team J.J. and Yante.  

Fox, please play your talent.  We can't figure out what you're doing, what you're seeing.  

If you play your best players and we still lose--  If you effectively game-plan and we still lose--  Well, we did our best.  The other guys are sometimes just better.  But until you play your best players, until you show a game plan that attempts to take away the other team's strengths--  fans will conclude that UGA's coaching is the problem.

And if enough fans come to that conclusion, they will demand change.