Friday, August 15, 2014

Takais Brown Charged with Murder

Oh well.

Sad to see a guy fall this far, this fast.  Brown, 28, and his brother, 24, and another man have been charged with a murder that occurred August 8.

Brown has been accused with first degree murder, armed robbery and first degree home invasion.  He's innocent until proven guilty, of course, and not all the facts are known, but the charges are very, very serious.

Takais had plenty of basketball talent.  He was a stand-out in high school basketball at Flint Central High, graduating in 2004.  He went JUCO at Southeastern Illinois College for two years, where he notched 19 points and 9 rebounds per game, and was named a third team All-American.

Brown was recruited to Georgia in 2006, and after serving a two-game academic suspension, led the Dawgs in scoring, averaging 14 points and 6 rebounds.  He was again suspended, this time for class attendance issues in 2007, then dismissed just before his senior season (October of 2007) by Coach Felton for a violation of team rules.

Takais played internationally in Puerto Rico, then moved to Finland in 2008, averaging 18 points and 6 boards.  He next played in Slovenia (part of the former Yugoslavia) in 2009, where he averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds.  He thereafter was recruited to Argentina to play, but didn't pass the physical because of a knee problem.  He was drafted in 2010 by the Reno Big Horns of the D-League.

Talent was never the issue for the 6' 8", 252-lb Brown.

It was all the other stuff.

Unfortunately, it looks like the other stuff will have him behind bars for many years to come.


Ajax Recaps Playing Career

Good article from the Surf Kentucky web site on 26-year old Albert Jackson.

Turns out that Jackson is playing in China now, and has been playing there for four years.  Jackson told the Madisonville, Kentucky Lions Club group that he started playing in China right out of college back in 2010, when he had $50 to his name.

After not making the sixth-grade basketball team, the well-traveled Jackson has now played professionally in China, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Holland, Kuwait and Ecuador. He plans to keep playing until he reaches the age of 30.


As Chronicles readers likely remember, Jackson played center for the UGA basketball squad, laboring through various injuries, an off-court problem or two, and the coaching change from Felton to Fox.  The 6' 10" lefty came up big to help lead the Dawgs to its amazing SEC "Tornado Tournament" win.

For more information on Jackson, his games and statistics while playing internationally, senior night in Athens, and other aspects of his playing career, click on his name in the blue hypertext below.