Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't See How Tubby Does It

He took a down Minnesota team and has those guys playing great right now. They toppled #11 Michigan State, and then beat #6 Purdue like they stole somethin'.

Minnesota has 21 wins on the season. Earlier in the year, I wasn't expecting much at all from them. Now, even sophomore Ralph Sampson, III, is doing great. No offense to him, I just thought that it would be a while before he started to contribute.

Ohio State should beat Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament championship. We'll see, but it looks like based on the 27-point drubbing of Purdue, Tubby has moved his troops into position to make the NCAA tournament.

Is This It?

I guess we won't get any sort of tournament invite. We're 14 and 17 on the year. Would have liked to have seen us get to .500, but it wasn't to be.

The keys for the off-season will be academic performance for the team and recruiting for the coaches.

I think with the kind of game that Thompkins had, he will not be going pro. Very skilled, but if he gets his body into optimum condition, he will be able to do so much more next year.

Travis Leslie is coming back for sure. He'll do some great things, as long as he stays injury-free. I'd make him work his off-hand dribbling skills throughout the summer. If we can turn him into a two-guard and bring in someone like Dwayne Polee at the three, Georgia will have some serious talent.


We were overmatched at the guard position. Our starting point guard and two guard went 2 for 12 with 0 foul shots. Total of 6 points.

Their point and two guard went 13 for 21, and 8 of 8 from the line. Total of 41 points.

When there's a 35 point differential, you're not going to win.

I'd like to see Dustin Ware change his foot positioning on his shot. Ricky McPhee will be moving on, and I'm just glad that he helped the team so much this year.

Congrats to Travis Leslie. He kept us in the game. Ended with 34 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals.

Box Score

Gerald Robinson better be really good, or I can't see us making that next step into the upper half of the SEC.

Give credit to Vandy (with an assist to the officials). John Jenkins shot lights out in the second half, and we never could climb back into the game. Vandy wins 78 to 66.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Travis Leslie Has 23

Fairly early in the second half. The way he is going, he might hit 40. We'll see if his legs hold up so he can still get lift on his shot.

Refs aren't calling too much on Vandy

Thompkins has been hit a few times on his way to the basket. He has to be strong and finish. He can't get frustrated. Let the game come to him, play good defense and the Vanderbilt team won't have time to set up the double-team.

We're down 8 at the half. Not bad. We need someone other than Leslie to score the basketball.

Miller Grove Wins Championship

UGA recruit Donte Williams played big. He finished the game with 11 points, 13 boards, and 4 blocked shots.

Miller Grove had too many big guys for Mays High. The final score was 67 to 35.


Georgia Against Vandy

If we get by Vanderbilt, the Dawgs will go all the way.

Now, Vanderbilt is at home, so the crowd will be with them. The Dawgs do not play away games well. The key will be the first 3 minutes of the first half, and the first three of the second. If we win those, then we might be able to squeak out a win at the end.

Georgia 71, Vanderbilt 70.

Ben Watson to the Browns

Ben Watson is moving on. After playing for 6 years for the New England Patriots, he has found a new home with the Cleveland Browns.

According to the attached article, Watson signed a six-year deal worth $12 million.

He'll be challenged to contribute to a team that has been down for a good while. The Browns started off last year going 1 and 11 before they won their last 4 games.

Dawgs Win!

Good victory for the Dawgs. UGA pulled away at the end to beat the Razorbacks, 77 to 64.

I felt before the game that we match up pretty well against Arkansas. We have more size in the post, and they don't have particularly tall guards. Courtney Fortson is always an issue for guards trying to slow down the Arkansas attack.

In the end, Georgia's dynamic duo of Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins, 21 and 23 points, respectively, helped Georgia to stretch its lead to the final margin.

Next up: Vandy. They'll be playing at home, but without the advantage of the weird lay-out of their gym. They have good athleticism up and down the roster, but I still say that Georgia will win by 3 to 5 points.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ricky McPhee Lives the Dream

How many fans get to say that they have played major college basketball? How many can say that they contributed to their home state's athletic program?

McPhee is enjoying every minute of his UGA basketball playing experience. Glad that he is doing so well.

I thought he might contribute to the team, and early on, I posted some of his stats from his time at Gardner Webb. But I was not expecting McPhee to become UGA's hardest worker and best defender. As the AJC recounts, McPhee has really made the most of the opportunity.

Here's hoping Ricky gets to top it off by celebrating a 4-game tournament winning streak.


Good analysis by the AJC. Sure, it would be a disappointment to the team to go to one of the lesser tournaments, but you have to earn your way to the Big Dance. It's a talent contest, not a swimsuit competition.

Georgia has some noteable wins, and some near misses. We look pretty at times, but the fact remains that we're still well short of .500 for the year.

My opinion is that if the team gets to keep playing, you have to accept whatever invitation comes your way. In the meantime, I think it is right to keep the team focused on Arkansas tomorrow night. We win that game and the pressure is on everybody else but us.

Tourney Time

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dawgs over Arkansas

I know. You say that my predictions against the SEC West have been way off. This time, I am sure.

Could go down to the wire, but this time the Dawgs will not squander the lead.

We'll beat Vandy, too.

Go Dawgs!

Billy Humphrey Ends Career, UNO to Division III

As expected, the University of New Orleans lost its Sun Belt conference tournament match against Western Kentucky. Billy Humphrey was able to play his last collegiate game, scoring 7 points in the loss.

Humphrey will have surgery on his knee, now that the season is officially over.

Sounds very much like this is the end of the road for Humphrey's playing career. Hope it's not, but without reliable wheels, you can't play pro ball, no matter how well you might shoot from long range.

It's hard to leave a sport that you've played for so long. Sports often defines a person. It's not just what we do, it is who we are. "I'm Joe Blow, basketball player for Xavier University."

The problem is that when Joe can no longer play basketball, who is he? Is he Joe the ex-basketball player, doomed for the rest of his life to attempt to draw a crowd by telling stories about how things were when he used to play? What makes Joe special if his tie to sports has been broken? How will he support himself if there is no more scholarship?

UNO will have a difficult adjustment to make as well. The student body may well wish to take another vote next year, once they feel the impact of losing Division I sports, but it will be too late. The infrastructure and the players and coaches will be gone.

Perhaps University of New Orleans basketball is Katrina's latest victim.

Good luck to Billy and to UNO.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thompkins Named All-SEC

He was a unanimous selection.

Thompkins worked hard over the summer. If he makes as big an improvement over this summer as last, he should be a tough cover for opposing defenses. I'd like to see him gain a few inches on his vertical and get a bit smoother with handling the ball.

He's a very skilled big guy as it is, and he will help the Dawgs if he sticks around for his junior year.

Congratulations, Trey.

What about Polee and Williams?

Fox has two scholarships that he can give out this spring. Anonymous mentioned that he thinks that UGA will bring in Dwayne Polee and Donte Williams.

Dwayne Polee and anybody sounds good to me. I have been really impressed with him so far, and it would be a real coup for Fox to go out to the west coast and steal him from the PAC-10.

A signing class of Lalanne, Williams and Polee would help our roster to shape up, too. The best news is that we would have 5 quality big guys. You almost have to have that number, since we don't have a true center. Williams and Lalanne, the new guys would help to shoot and defend. Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes would give us the bulk and experience in the SEC. Trey Thompkins, if he comes back, would rebound and score.

Price and Barnes will be seniors. Lalanne and Williams would need to prepare to play right away so they can get enough experience to be the key guys in the post for the future. Of course, one of the side benefits from signing Williams is that it might put UGA in a good position for snagging Tony Parker down the line.

Dwayne Polee and Travis Leslie would hold down the three spot, along with whatever Drazen Zlovaric can give us. UGA's high fliers would keep us on Sports Center, that's for sure. We would have an exciting brand of basketball.

My biggest concern would be on the perimeter. Dustin Ware can bring the ball up the floor, with an assist from Vincent Williams. Gerald Robinson, Ebuka Anyaorah and Demario Mayfield would be the key contributors at the two-guard. Can any of them score enough to give us fire-power against a zone? I think that if Robinson is as good as advertised, we might be okay offensively. The bigger question is whether our two-guards can defend the bigger shooting guards in the league.