Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hats Off to Auburn

They did what we could not do.  Took it to Alabama and beat'em.

We came close.  They finished the drill.

Hoping that Missouri beats Texas A*M.  Much rather have Missouri represent the East than South Carolina.  While I'm in prediction mode, I think Texas A*M beats Missouri.  Hoping I am wrong again.

I tell you, Nick Marshall is going to be a tough guy to deal with.  He's got serious wheels and a powerful arm.

Maybe Hutson Mason can use today's game as a springboard and give us a championship next year.  Still football to play this season, but if Mason can get the job done, our defense will have a year to grow, we get several skill guys back, our backfield will be loaded, and it could be our year.

Great, Great Win for The Dawgs

I gave up.  Shouldn't have.

Maybe I should stick to basketball.

Great win for Mark Richt!

How about Grantham's D?  Did they step up or what?  Incredible.  20 to nothing and they held those guys to 7 more points in regulation.

Wow!  Great job by all the Dawgs.  Congrats to all!  Go Dawgs.  Tech, losers again!  12 out of 13!

Mmmphh, Mmmpphh

Pfltt!  (feathers)


In the oven.  Smells good!!

Finally, a call on a cut block!

And they call it on us.  They'd better call it the same way when they have the ball.

Proud of Hutson Mason.  He's made good throws.  We've had some drops and some penalties.  If the D can give us a three and out, then maybe we can get back into this thing.  I'll gladly eat crow if UGA can pull out a win here.

About like I thought

Couldn't bring myself to predict a Georgia loss, but that's exactly what I thought would happen.  I seriously doubted we would play well.

Worse yet, Tech probably blows us out.  Up 20, and we haven't moved the ball.  I haven't looked at the stats, but they must be ugly.  Time of possession, rushing, passing.

Can we turn it around?  Yes.

Will we?  Not likely.

Mason looked rattled several times.  The interception he threw wasn't even close to our guy.  Also didn't like him giving up the ball when he got sacked.  If you throw it away, do it.  Don't toss the ball on the ground in the midst of a sack.  Looks too much like a fumble.

I will say this, that once Paul Johnson gets a qb who can throw the ball, he's sitting in the catbird seat.  Vad Lee has been on the money today.  If the contest is between their system and our skill, and we have a big advantage in skill, we win.  If, however, the contest is between their system and their skill, and our system and their skill, and the skill is anywhere close to even, they win.  The option is just that difficult to defend.  I think Auburn beats Bama today for the same reason.  The score in the Iron Bowl is tied right now, but that's the point.  Auburn is holding their own, and with their system, they might hit on a few explosive plays.

At any rate, Georgia Tech has the better quarterback from what I'm seeing, and Georgia can't win in that scenario.

I predict that the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game will be what Tech fans have been pushing for, and that's a real rivalry again.

Uggh.  Tech beat us in basketball at our place.  Now they are taking it to us in football at theirs.  Tough year.

Tech Game Does Not Set Up Well for Us

I think that Georgia will come out flat due to the loss of Aaron Murray.  If it were just Murray, we might be able to get over the hump, but it's Murray, and Mitchell and JSW, and Marshall and on and on.  Murray was the one constant throughout the year.  He was able to stay healthy when most of Georgia's other key offensive players went down.

In the meantime, Tech is playing good ball.  Let's not forget that Tech was driving for a score last year when Rambo ripped the ball out and turned the game around.  This year we don't have Rambo and Ogletree and Jarvis Jones.

Tech probably wins today.  I could be wrong, and Mason may turn out to be this decade's version of D.J. Shockley, a guy who waited his turn to showcase his talent.  Shockley led us to the SEC championship, so I hope that Hutson Mason plays well today.

Very nervous.  We've had special teams issues, bad injuries, defensive lapses, and now, no Murray.  Very nervous indeed.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Defense Stepped Up

We're not good enough yet to just run guys out of the gym.  We have to do the little things well.  Georgia picked up the pace defensively which led to better offensive production.  Had me worried there for a bit.

You can only beat the guys you're scheduled to play, so this is a good win for the Dawgs.  We're 2 and 4 on the season, and hopefully will start a little run during the remaining pre-conference portion of the season.

I like the fact that everyone got to play a little bit.  Scoring came from up and down the roster.  Kenny Gaines had a good night, so that's always positive.  He's had a slow start, but he will do some good things this year.  That's why it would have been good for him to play more last year--  to give him some experience so he can be smoother this year when we really need his scoring punch.  He and Charles Mann will have to get it done this season, so both of them have to play with confidence.

Dawgs beat Appalachian State 71 to 53.

Playing Better in the Second Half

Up 10.  UGA 47, App State 37.

Way to go, Dawgs.  We can only win'em one at a time.  Let's keep up the good work, finish this one off and on to the next.

What is wrong with Georgia basketball?

Why can't we put teams away?  There is no reason why Appalachian State should be able to come into our house and show us up.

Looking on the bright side, at least we were able to get the lead going into half-time.  It's 33 to 32, but we were bad from the free throw line and from behind the arc.

I was expecting us to have a big lead by now.  Hope Fox pushes the right buttons at half-time.

Georgia will beat App. State

I know, I know.  I have predicted other Georgia wins and have had to eat my words.   But this time, I'm positive Morris, Gaines and Mann will get it done.  App. State has one victory on the season, and they're not about to get their second against us.

Look for four Dawgs to score in double figures, the three sophomores and a big.  If Donte and Marcus stay out of foul trouble, one of those two could get us 12 points and 5 boards.

We'll start a nice streak with this game, and hopefully get to 6 and 4 with our confidence back.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dawgs Lose to Nebraska

Final score:  Nebraska 73, Dawgs 65.

We're 1 and 4 on the year and dead last in the SEC.

We're inventing ways to lose now.  This time we couldn't hit our free throws.

I keep thinking that Georgia is going to put it all together and beat some team by double digits.  I thought we would get a W in at least one of the three contests.  Didn't happen.  We came in last place in the tournament, not winning a single game.

Not sure what to make of this team.  We have some possibilities.  We could go on a run and win the next six games.  It could happen.

There are possibilities, but there are also problems.

Wing players.  Brandon Morris is playing pretty well.  Meanwhile, Cameron Forte seems to have taken a step back (Mark Fox needs to work on Forte's shot.  Make him shoot one-handed until he starts getting good arc on the ball and learns to use his off-hand as a guide, only).

Post players.  We still don't have the production we need in the post.  Marcus Thornton is doing better, but he has no lift off of his surgically repaired legs.  Sad to see, since he had so much bounce in high school.  By the way, he and Donte don't need to be shooting three-pointers.

Shooting guards.   We got next to no production from our 2-guard position.  Kenny Gaines went 3 for 9 and Juwan Parker shot 0 for 3.  A combined 3 for 12 won't get it done.  If our shooting guards don't manage better than 25 percent from the field, we will lose every time.

Offense.  Our offense doesn't seem to get us any good shots.  Or maybe the shots are there, but our guys just can't hit'em.  All too often, however, we run the weave 25 feet or more from the basket, pass it into the short corner and try to angle a guy toward the basket.

If the game under the new rules is to drive the ball to the basket and get fouled, then let's design an offense that will do just that.  Scrap the triangle, or at least try an alternative during part of the game.  Charles Mann is good at driving the ball, but we need to have more players who can do it.  Reminds me of Sundiata Gaines driving the ball on almost every possession back when Felton was coaching.  We can do better.  Coach Fox has to make it so.

I think Mark Fox's record at UGA is now into negative territory at 66 and 67.  If we don't pick up a string of wins during the non-conference part of the schedule, Fox will likely have yet another losing season, notching losing seasons in 4 out of his 5 years.  All of our momentum seems to be backwards, and it's hard to argue with the guys who point out that Georgia basketball has degraded under his stewardship.

They have a point.  Multiple losing seasons, no recruits, poor defense and a stagnant offense spell disaster for a basketball program.  Like I've said before, I like to see our guys graduate, but if that's the only criteria for successful coaching, hire one of the academic advisers to coach the team.  Sure wouldn't cost us $1.7 million a year.

Gotta have some wins and quick.  We really need a good run over these next few games.  Fox, make it happen!