Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Herschel's Nephew

Dude is 14 and is already 6' 3" and over 200 pounds. We ought to be on him now for football, track, baseball, basketball, swimming, whatever.

With the blood lines he has, you know he has the potential to fill out his frame and have world class speed to boot. Combine that with the fact that Richard has got the personality and academics down, and he will be a coveted student-athlete for sure.

Sounds like his famous uncle is doing his part to steer his nephew in the right direction.

Milan Richard

Georgia Still in it for Jacobs?

You'd have to think so based on the counsel that Coach Reddick has been giving his star player.

An early decision would obviously benefit Clemson, since it is the last school that Jacobs visited. However, if Jacobs waits a while, carefully considers playing time, coaching, opportunity to be supported by family, and an academic environment that supports his interest in sports medicine, then Georgia definitely holds its own. In fact, I would go beyond that and say that UGA is far and away the best choice.

Coach Reddick is a solid guy and whatever decision that he and Jacobs reach together (scroll down some in the attached article) hopefully will be the best long term for Nick.

Wise Counsel

Go Dawgs!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thompkins and Leslie Recognized

as one of the top twelve inside-outside duos in college basketball.

Georgia's duo is indeed rare in that although Leslie is considered as the "outside" part of the duo, he gets a ton of baskets at the rim. Thompkins, the "inside" threat is a legitimate threat from outside, shooting almost 40 percent from behind the arc.

Dynamic Duo

John Florveus Commitment

Obviously Fox and staff saw something they liked in Florveus and convinced him to commit.

I've been a bit disappointed in how recruiting is going since we lost out to Tech on Julian Royal, and it looks like Nick Jacobs will commit to Clemson.

At any rate, it's hard to teach 7', and if he is anything close to that height, Florveus might be able to help.

Here's the free article from

Mark Fox Interview

From the official site.

Gerald Robinson has picked up some muscle. Looks really good.

Donte Williams looks bigger. Don't think he'll ever be huge, but a lean guy coming into a Division 1 strength and conditioning program can put on 20 pounds in one year.

Would love to see Chris Barnes get back to being "Bam-Bam." In my opinion, he is playing at less weight than she should have. He'd be more accurate in free throw shooting if he learns to lock in his elbow.

Marcus Thornton is a real key to the season. If he plays hard and to his potential, Georgia will be much improved.

Travis looks ready. Last year he missed some of the buckets around the hoop that he used to hit in high school. If he mixes in a ball fake, up and under move, and learns when to go strong vs. acrobatic, then with his natural leaping ability, he will have more than one 30-point game this year.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

"You Guys Are Missing the Boat on Georgia"

Great, great interview. I'm not a particular fan of John Calipari, but his interview was fantastic. Funny, thoughtful, and had just the right tone.

Calipari was very complimentary on the Dawgs, Coach Fox, and the Thompkins/Leslie duo. He even pounded the table when he spoke about UGA.

Speaking of pounding, we'd better pound the ball into the post when we play against Calipari. Kentucky will really miss Patrick Patterson, Perry Stevenson, Daniel Orton and Demarcus Cousins. They had the size and talent advantage last year, and by the end of the game they were able to exploit it.

If they don't get Enes Kanter eligible, then they will be vulnerable. We should play the zone against the dribble drive and make them shoot over the top.

Interesting to hear Calipari's take on the information age and social media.

I wish we had the coverage in the media that Kentucky takes for granted. We'll get there. If we win an early tourney and beat Kentucky in our first SEC game, our following will go through the roof.