Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dawgs still tied for third in the SEC

Sure enough, South Carolina beat LSU.  That means that there is a three-way tie for first (South Carolina, Kentucky and LSU are 8-3), a two-way tie for second (Texas A&M and Florida are 7-4), and a two-way tie for third (Vanderbilt and Georgia are 6-5).

Every game is vitally important, and that's why I hoped that the Dawgs could somehow steal one at Rupp.  Had we won that game, we would have had a real shot at winning the Conference.

Of course, Georgia can just as easily lose a couple of games and fall toward the bottom of the SEC.  There is a four-way tie for fourth, so any slip-up by UGA could result in teams passing us by quickly.

Whatever magic Georgia has is needed now.  We've got seven more games left before the SEC tournament.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Can Georgia Win at Rupp? Answer: No!

Everyone needed to play well, and so far, no one has.

They are about to double us up in points.  Yep.  52 to 26.  Disappointing.

Doesn't mean we won't make the NCAA Tourney, necessarily, but we won't make the NCAA Tourney.

Like I said, disappointing.

We missed out on some big man recruits over the last few years (Tony Parker-UCLA, Shaq Goodwin-Memphis, even guys like Daniel Giddens-Ohio State, could have helped) and games like this one make those failures so glaring.  Malik Beasley is a freshman two-guard who is making a huge impact at Florida State.  All these guys were from the Atlanta area.  Oh well.

Back to the drawing board.

Can Dawgs Win at Rupp?

Very, very difficult to win there.  We have had some talented squads at Georgia, and we go up there and the environment, the talent and the refs get us all flustered.

With that said, we almost beat Kentucky last season (at Stegeman, though), and this year's Kentucky team isn't nearly as good.  Besides that, we haven't had a game all year during which Gaines, Mann, Frazier and Maten all play well.  If we can hit some outside shots and UK has a let-down after their big Florida win, UGA might steal one.  If we do, Georgia and Kentucky will be tied for second place in the SEC with matching 7 and 4 records.

Come to think of it, it's not inconceivable that Georgia could end up winning the SEC.  LSU will have to lose some, and Texas A&M and South Carolina will have to stumble, but it could happen.

Let's see what Fox does with the match-up zone.  Maybe Poythress will be out with an injury.  Perhaps Fox will start Mike Edwards and see if he can beat their big men off the dribble.

Are you ready?  Let's get started!