Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ramon Sessions Finds His Place

He's doing well as the starting point guard for the Lakers. Averages 13 points and 7 assists with the team, while shooting almost 50 percent from the floor and a sizzling 51 percent from behind the arc. Impressive, especially since Sessions is in L.A. and Kobe is going to put up max numbers of shots.

Article below includes comments from Mark Fox, his former college coach at Nevada.


We'll see if the Lakers bring Sessions back. Sessions has made it obvious to all that he wants to stay with the Lakers. Could work against him during negotiation time, but perhaps by letting management know, Sessions is putting getting a deal done above Hollywood-type drama. The Lakers have been playing him 30 minutes a game, so LA coach Mike Brown has likewise made his appreciation for Sessions obvious. We'll see how it turns out. If Sessions stays healthy and continues to perform in the post-season, Kupchak will do his best to make a good multi-year deal happen.

Here's hoping that Fox can develop a fantastic point guard (Charles Mann?) for the Dawgs.