Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bainbridge-Area Football Dawgs

Good kids. Excellent to see them giving back.

Hope they have a fantastic year.

Link to Terrance Woodbury's Agent

has been reviewed and fixed. For some reason, the hypertext did not take you to the picture.

Here it is, in case you don't want to go back and find the article.

In fairness to him, I don't think the picture reflects on all that Heitner brings to the table.

Woodbury has enough talent to make it somewhere. I expect for him to get a shot to play in the D-League, if the dollars from international ball don't sway him.

Thompkins Fills up the Box Score

Howard Thompkins shot 5 of 6 from the floor (83%), 2 of 3 from the line, and garnered 4 rebounds in the USA U-19 team's win over Egypt. The final score for the game was 112 to 55.

Great game by Thompkins. He only played 14 minutes, but his productivity (Thompkins also had 2 blocked shots and an assist) suggests that he may get more time on the floor.

Thompkins is shooting 58 percent for the tournament.

Steve Newman has MRI

Steve Newman, out with a torn ACL, is on the road to recovery.

Newman recently had an MRI, and the procedure should give doctors a thorough sense of how to proceed. I assume he will be having his surgery in the near future.

Good luck, Steve.

Singleton Makes Roster

Rashaad Singleton, 7' 0" former player for UGA, has been named to the roster of the New York Knicks summer league squad.

Singleton had been invited to the Knicks organization to participate in workouts prior to the NBA draft. The summer league should give Singleton the chance to show what he can do before NBA, D-League and international scouts.

Friday, July 3, 2009

ESPN on Damontre Harris

He has a ways to go to maximize his potential. But the potential is there.

If he commits to Georgia, he'll have to hit the weights hard.


Damien Wilkins to Return to Oklahoma Thunder

Wilkins did not get as much playing time last season as he has gotten with the team previously. He averaged a career-low 5.3 points per game. Nevertheless, Damien did not exercise his right to opt out of the contract.

Oklahoma is not a very good team and they need to find a way to put a competitive squad on the floor. Maybe Damien can help them get going this next season.

U.S. Beats France in U-19 Competition

The final score was 71 to 55. Thompkins scored 6 points with 5 rebounds in 13 minutes.

Thompkins is getting less time than some of the others, but he is fairly productive. He was 3 of 7 from the field.

Box Score

Howard Thompkins Pic in Life

Nice shot of Thompkins. Looks like he was going to get a blocked shot on the French player.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old School Pic

Levi Stukes takes it to the hoop for the Randallstown Rams.

Damontre Harris

I understand that Harris recently visited UGA and was offered a scholarship by Coach Fox.

Seems that Damontre Harris is a bit of a late bloomer. He played well at the NBPA Camp, where he was mentored by none other than UGA grad, Jarvis Hayes.

Harris has picked up a few offers, including Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, and Boston College, according to

Harris averaged 5 points, 12 rebounds and 5 blocked shots last year playing for Trinity Christian. My concern is that if Harris manages just two baskets a game against what might be considered not the highest level of competition, he may end up overmatched in the SEC.

Although my personal preference is that Georgia go after center prospects who overpower guys to rebound and dunk the ball, if Harris is good enough for Jarvis, he's good enough for me.

It will be tough for Coach Fox to manage the scholarships he has available. The only graduate after next season will be Albert Jackson. Georgia desperately needs a shooter, so we'll have to see how the Harris offer and the associated scholarship numbers turn out.

Thompkins Scores Against Iran

Howard Thompkins, competing for the U.S. Under-19 squad, scored 10 points with 7 rebounds against Iran.

The U.S. won the game, 106 to 55.

Thompkins went 3 for 6 from the floor and hit all 4 of his free throw attempts.

Great experience for Thompkins. Good win for the U.S. team.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lance Stephenson to Cincy

Same title as my post of a couple of days ago, without the question mark.

Cincinnati put out a press release yesterday that indeed informs that Lance Stephenson has committed to the Bearcats.

I said that I doubted it could work. Cincinnati obviously believes that it can and will.


Mark Fox Follows Trent Johnson's Lead

Nothing really new in the Rivals article, but I thought it was a good review of the background of Mark Fox, his relationship with LSU coach, Trent Johnson, and the challenges Fox faces in making Georgia an elite basketball school.


T.J. Stripling Next?

Kendrun Malcome's teammate, T.J. Stripling, is an elite recruit.

Stripling won the award for the fastest defensive lineman at a recent camp held by the University of Tennessee. And at 6' 6" and around 220 pounds, Stripling has the size to be productive.

Georgia needs some help at defensive end, and now that Malcome has aannounced, Stripling has let it be known that he is moving up his time frame for committing.

Georgia has some recruiting momentum. Maybe it will keep going in July.

Kendrun Malcome Commits


That's the description I have seen written more than once about Malcome. I like it. He's not a huge ball carrier. But he is not afraid of contact, and he has enough speed to get away from people.

Maybe Malcome can bring us Musa Smith, Danny Ware, Thomas Brown-type production.

Good pick-up for the Dawgs.

Malcome Commits.

Mark Fox/Connor Nolte Interview on WUOG

Nice job by the campus radio station. Mark Fox isn't Dicky-V. He doesn't get animated much, and he won't give you a quote that is tailor-made for the headlines.

Just win, baby! If he can get it done on the court, then the Dawgs will let the product out on the court speak for him.

Connor Nolte was brought on at the end to get into some of the topics that the Coach Fox portion of the interview didn't reach

Fox interview, WUOG, June 27

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lance Stephenson to Cincy?

High profile recruit Lance Stephenson recently visited Cincinnati. He has basketball talent. That much is unquestioned.

It's all the other stuff.

Besides his legal difficulties, I wonder, is he eligible to play? He seems to have some kind of deal with Under Armor.

My bet is that Stephenson plays internationally for a year. With all of the NCAA questions, I just can't believe that the situation with Cincy is going to work.

Shockley and Brown Ready to Roll

D.J. Shockley and Thomas Brown are in supporting roles with the Falcons.

Although I don't comment about pro football much, every now and again an article catches my eye, and this one from Daniel Cox of the Examiner fits the bill.

Thomas Brown and D.J. Shockley have represented UGA well during their tenure with the Dawgs and in their pro careers. They are an injury or two away from being right there in the mix for playing time with the Falcons, so their job is to contribute to the team as they can and remain ready.

Good Dawgs. Good article.

Zollo Decommits from UK

John Calipari is remaking the UK roster according to his liking.

Not sure where Zollo will end up. We'll see.

Swat Analysis

Jarvis Varnado is getting pub.

After pulling his name out of the draft, he is back at Mississippi State. Varnado has a real chance to break Shaquille O'Neal's record for blocked shots in the SEC.

And Mississippi State is playing it up. Putting out a video to get Varnado more national attention. Varnado is the reluctant star.

I'll try to remember to post a link to the video when it gets up on State's website.

Waiting to Excel

The University of Kentucky players are bonding. They seem to be eager to get the season underway.

Down at Mississippi, the team is trying to figure out how their roster will look. The NCAA has lots of questions, and it remains to be seen whether Renardo Sidney will be allowed to play this year.

South Carolina won the division last year. Good video with Coach Horn and Devan Downey, their talented point guard.

Should be a good year for SEC basketball.

Getting a Little Bit Better

Mark Fox is one of the three new basketball coaches in the SEC.

John Calipari was the high profile addition for the league. He was brought in at Kentucky and immediately started to make waves in recruiting. Anthony Grant was considered the up and coming coach, and was lured to Alabama. Fox was the least known quantity, coming from Nevada.

Fox is quoted as saying he wants Georgia to get a little bit better. I know it's early yet, but hopefully, Fox is using the "Vince Dooley understatement approach."

The guys will have to work hard, but Fox has some athleticism on the roster. Maybe Fox can instill his offensive system, get a couple of high profile recruits on board, and start to get Georgia rolling.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Howard Thompkins gets 7 and 7

Less than 24 hours after landing in New Zealand, the US Under 19 team was busy with a scrimmage against Croatia.

The U.S. won 97 to 68. Howard Thompkins scored 7 points with 7 rebounds.

The U.S. squad will begin official play against Iran on July 2, France on July 3, and Egypt on July 4.

What y'got, Loran?

Well, at least as it pertains to UGA's new basketball coach, it's optimism.

Loran Smith obviously likes the background that Mark Fox brings to the job. The two of them seemed to hit it off, if Loran's story is any indication.

Wimp Sanderson likes Fox for his work ethic. That's a must-have for any SEC coach.

But can Fox win? The SEC will be tough. If he can get into the top three of the SEC East, he will get my vote for coach of the year.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miami Heat Draft Picks have SEC Ties

The Miami Heat have drafted Patrick Beverly and Robert Dozier. Beverly played at Arkansas for a time, and Robert Dozier was signed by UGA, but was not allowed to enroll due to questions about his academic qualifications.

Bad move by Miami?

Who knows? They don't think so.

ESPN on Jalen Kendrick

How will Mark Fox and crew do in recruiting? Seems to me that Georgia needs at least one more big man and one do-everything player.

Kendrick would fit the bill for the latter category. He can handle the ball, shoot and defend well enough. Georgia will have guys who can play the point (Ware, Williams, Robinson). We need at least one big-time "maker."


Life Message

I was challenged last week with the concept of "life message."

I thought about it for a while as I read the news on the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

What does my life say? What do I want it to say, and what do I do about it?

What about yours?

Can Donovan Turn it Around?

I doubt it.

He doesn't have the horses to win the race. And I think his approach to the questions of Florida's fans is right on the mark.

Manage expectations.

Florida will be a good team this year. They've got enough players to field a very competitive team. And everyone knows that Donovan can coach.

But can Florida beat Kentucky and University of Tennessee? Can they hold off Vanderbilt and South Carolina? Where will they finish in the SEC East? Can they do better than the NIT?

Gaines goes for 51

Sundiata Gaines is back in his familiar haunts and putting up his familiar big numbers. In Thursday's game, Gaines went for 51, hitting 7 of 12 from downtown.

I still think that Gaines could be an Andre Miller-type of player for an NBA squad. He has to show he can hit free throws, but if he has improved that part of his game, he might be able to earn a good look this year.

Mark Fox on "One and Done"

Fox prefers a system that would allow high school players, if they're good enough, to go directly to the pro's. If a player goes to college, however, they would have to stay at least 3 years before they're eligible for the NBA draft.

I thought that Randolph Morris did well in providing a player's perspective.

Morris is an interesting case in point. Morris was well-known in high school, went to Kentucky, and from there, to the pro's. However, how many minutes has he played since then? If he had gone directly to the pro's, would he still be in the NBA? As it stands, he has bounced around a little bit and earned a nice NBA check. He just as easily could have been bounced out of the league, and ended up competing for a job without a degree.

My take is that players should be able to go directly to the NBA. It's America.

I do have concerns for guys that end up without a degree and without a fall-back plan. The one-and-done rule doesn't help those guys, because they go to school for a semester, play ball and then declare for the draft.

At some point, you have to let adults make what could be bad decisions.