Friday, November 11, 2016

Already seen enough

We really need Wendell Carter.  Doubt we get him, but I can always hope.

If we don't get Carter, why go through another year of this?


Does Mark Fox want to win basketball games?

I mean, really?

You can absolutely not start Parker and KPG!  Please get a clue.  Seniority has its place.  That's on union jobs, not on the basketball court.

I assume that Jordan Harris has been skipping class to go beat up his girlfriend.  Otherwise, for him to not get any playing time is a travesty.

We only have two guys on the roster who can create their own shot off the dribble--  J.J. Frazier and Jordan Harris.

Fox, you had the trip to Spain and the whole Fall.  You should have figured it out by now.  Get Harris on the floor.  I know he's shorter than Kenny Paul Geno, but train Harris at the three-spot anyway.

KPG can get you some minutes during the course of the game.  But not at the beginning.  Because he can't drive to the basket, guys are going to overplay him all night.  Believe he went 0 of 1 from the field with 1 rebound in almost 20 minutes.

Likewise, Parker will defend and rebound.  But he's an offensive liability.  Start Harris at the two or the three.  Doesn't matter which (although I would prefer him at the three), because he's an upgrade over Geno or Parker.

To see Georgia have a chance to beat a Clemson team that we match up with pretty well, but not get close due to line-up mess-ups is hugely frustrating.