Monday, October 15, 2012

Saw that UGA Missed on Jarquez Smith and Dwight Coleby

I guess that's why I don't spend a whole lot of time following recruiting.

Last year we missed on all the high-ranked big men in the state of Georgia. This year it's more of the same. Why bother?

It would be fun if UGA started to bring in a good number of elite recruits. However, in basketball you only have so many scholarships to give. No need to follow ten or twelve guys if we only have three slots open.

Besides, if signing day comes and Georgia doesn't get any high-level recruits with the three 'ships we do have, it's a tremendous let-down. The new coach over at Tech has been hitting home-runs in recruiting.

This is the fifth signing class for Mark Fox and we're swinging and missing, swinging and missing. I don't get it.

Maybe next year... 

Or the year after that.