Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is This It?

I guess we won't get any sort of tournament invite. We're 14 and 17 on the year. Would have liked to have seen us get to .500, but it wasn't to be.

The keys for the off-season will be academic performance for the team and recruiting for the coaches.

I think with the kind of game that Thompkins had, he will not be going pro. Very skilled, but if he gets his body into optimum condition, he will be able to do so much more next year.

Travis Leslie is coming back for sure. He'll do some great things, as long as he stays injury-free. I'd make him work his off-hand dribbling skills throughout the summer. If we can turn him into a two-guard and bring in someone like Dwayne Polee at the three, Georgia will have some serious talent.


Ollllddude said...

Thompkins is an interesting question. Barring a freak injury, he will be an NBA player sooner or later. Most of us UGA folks would like to see him stay, and I hope we are right that he will have better success at the next level if he stays. I also have to think that leaving a winning team is slightly better career-wise than leaving a losing one. Also, Fox has some experience with players who went on, so he should be able to give some good advice.

One last thing to note is that after last night, Trey said something to the effect that this year, the team made a run in many games that they ended up losing, then said something like 'We won't lose those games next year'. I was encouraged by his use of the word 'we'.

DaugMan said...


Good catch. Sounds to me like Thompkins has made his decision, at least tentatively, and that's something that the staff can build upon during the rest of the year.

Bop said...

My brother keeps saying putting Leslie on a daily dose of the Pistol Pete videos (yeah, you know the ones) will make him SEC player of the year next season. A growth spurt in the offseason and he becomes the 2nd coming of Josh Smith.

Really enjoyed reading the Chronicles on a daily basis this season DaugMan!

DaugMan said...


Thanks for the kind comment.

I love the idea about the Maravich videos. Maybe Coach Fox can hire your brother for the summer.

If not, we can all cross our fingers, buy our rabbit's foot, and pray that Leslie grows an inch or three.

Keep up the good work on your site!