Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dead Last in the SEC

1 and 4 in the SEC.  7 and 11 on the year.  Not what I was expecting in year 4 of the Fox regime.

I could understand if we were at least competitive.  But we're getting blown out.  Our 4 SEC losses have been by an average margin of 20 points!  And we haven't played Kentucky yet.

I don't like excuses.  Every team has freshmen.  In general, a 12-man roster will likely have 3 each of seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.  The issue is whether the coach has recruited and/or developed 12 guys who can play in the SEC. 

I also don't like blame-shifting.  You're the head coach.  Accept some responsibility.  Think about it.  If Fox takes credit for "turning it around" when playing with Felton's recruits, then when the team tanks after playing with his recruits, doesn't he have the blame for running the program into the ground?

We really, really need to win today. 

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