Tuesday, February 14, 2012

J.J. Frazier

Well, I have to admit I was a bit disheartened to learn that Georgia's first early commitment in forever for the sport of basketball was a short point guard from a lower level division. I was hoping that we'd get a Tony Parker-type big man who could signal a new day coming for UGA recruitment.

But after looking at some of the footage from J.J. Frazier, I feel a bit better. Frazier is a quick guy who can advance the ball using either hand, shoot the three and take it to the hoop.


Every team in the SEC needs a press-breaker. Maybe the Frazier commitment is a signal of a different kind, that UGA will push the ball at every opportunity. Perhaps we'll be a pressing team and have lots of highlights with Morris, Mann, KCP and Gaines. That in itself will lead to better recruitment.

I'm still not excited, but I am not down on J.J. Frazier. He could grow a few more inches and really be a fantastic player for Georgia.

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