Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeremy Jacob Playing Well, Gets Press

Good picture of Jeremy. He has really started to come into his own out in Oregon, even though the Ducks are not winning. The PAC-10 is not very competitive this year, but unfortunately, Oregon has seen their starting center, Michael Dunigan, go down with an injury.

The fact that Dunigan is not playing has meant more opportunity for Jacob, and he is making the most of it.


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Anonymous said...

It's sickening to think about how much talent Felton simply let walk out the door.

Leslie was literally going to flunk out last year and Felton was doing nothing about it. Thank goodness Coach Herrman sat and Travis down so that the kid could get his stuff together.

Now, Coach Fox has totally transformed Travis's game and he will be one of the stars of the SEC next season, with a chance to play at the next level. Where would Travis be now if Felton had been allowed to stick around?

You think back to Idrissi, Mercer, Jacob, Wayne Arnold, Marcus Sikes, Channing Toney, Billy Humphrey, Kendrick Johnson, Rashaad Singleton, Takais Brown, I mean, it is crazy how much attrition there was.

You wonder how many of those kids could have stuck around and flourished under the current regime, and it makes you feel bad for them.