Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dustin Ware Article from the ABH

Yep. Ware is definitely in a different place this year. Teams used to be able to beat him up all game, muscle him all the way down the floor, every time Georgia brought the ball up the court.

Ricky McPhee was a great spot-up shooter and a non-stop hustler on defense. I wish he were still around to help us keep zones honest. But McPhee was not a particularly effective ball-handler.

With the addition of Gerald Robinson, Georgia has a potent back-court. Ware can spot up for the long-range shots, about like McPhee did last year. The difference is that both Ware and Robinson can bring the ball up the floor. Now when teams try to press UGA, the off-guard can receive the pass and speed the ball toward the basket.

Even better, Gerald is a player that can create his own shot off the dribble. Georgia has needed the very same capabilities several times at the end of the shot clock or as the final seconds of the game were ticking down. As in the Tech game, Robinson can use his speed to go to the hoop, while Ware gets open on the wing.

Maybe Florida will go zone tonight and Dustin can get going from outside.

Dustin Ware

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