Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doyel of CBS Sports Unimpressed with UTEP Decision

UTEP has hired Tim Floyd to be its basketball coach. It matters to UGA fans because UTEP is Dwayne Polee's newest option for college. Not that Polee will go there, but after the decision to hire Floyd, Polee decided that UTEP would be in his top three, along with Georgia and UNLV.

I will say this, after reading the attached article, I started to wonder if UTEP knew what it was getting into when it hired Floyd. Further, if I were a big-time recruit, I would have to sit down and really think about what committing to Coach Floyd might mean.

Well, it sounds like Polee has a good head on his shoulders, and he can choose the place that's best for him. Doubt that Polee knows who Gregg Doyel is, and I further doubt that Polee would care greatly about Doyel's opinion, but it's just smart to know all the facts ahead of time. Doyel makes a pretty convincing argument that UTEP isn't the place to send basketball recruits right now.

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