Sunday, January 18, 2009

Georgia Plays Kentucky

Kentucky should win easily. They have Patrick Patterson and we don't.

For Georgia to have a chance, we need to limit Patterson's touches and body up on Perry Stevenson. Stevenson can make the little 15-footer, but I don't remember him putting the ball on the floor with much effectiveness.

We also need to make Meeks play defense. If he gets his legs underneath him and shoots in rhythm, he could have a big day. Doubt he'll put up +50, but he's a legitimate scorer. The interesting thing about Meeks is that if you watch him run, you can tell he's still feeling the effects of his leg injury. Had he been healthy the whole time for Kentucky, he would have been one of the great scoring guards for the team.

On offense, Georgia needs to get Woodbury and Thompkins going early. Hopefully, Dustin Ware can hit some big shots, and we can bag our free throws down the stretch. Wouldn't say we have the best chance of winning, but it's better than last year.

I'll be in church, but Go Dawgs!

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