Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dawgs Win!!!

Actually, it's more relief, than excitement...

But I'll take it.

Proud of Corey Butler. Great game for him. Shot 4 of 5 from three-point land. He was the key to Georgia's come-back.

Travis Leslie didn't score well. He still is the x-factor. He rebounded and had a blocked shot or two.

Bravo! Big ups for the point guards. They missed the last two 1 and 1's, but on balance, they played well.

Jeremy Price played better. We need something from down low. Nothing much from Albert Jackson today.

Believe it or not, I expect our big men to play better in SEC play, where they will be going up against other big players, as opposed to the tall three-position guys that the smaller schools have.

Kudos to the guys for not giving up after the team got down by 11.

Georgia is 2 and 1 on the year. If we can win a few games and keep our confidence up while Howard Thompkins is healing, and our point guards gain experience, we might find a way to have a good year.

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