Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Georgia will Beat Florida

1. Mark Richt is mad

He knows that Urban Meyer tried to show the Dawgs up last year. He will have the Dawgs ready to play-- and win with class.

2. Florida is not as Strong This Year

Florida was a better team last year. They've been shooting themselves in the foot lately, which we should not expect. At the same time, any team can lose, and this Saturday will be Florida's day for a let-down.

3. Bye Week Boost

Georgia will be rested coming into the game. All the key players that UGA expected to have in the game are healthy. Guys have gotten a mental break, t00. They'll be ready to execute.

4. Speed

Georgia has more of it. Florida seems to have less. Percy Harvin is gone. Dempsey and Rainey are still burners, but Georgia will match up pretty well.

5. Spread

Georgia has had more experience facing the spread. After last year's embarassment against Tech, Georgia is better at assignment football. Tebow has been hurt, and whether he consciously thinks about it or not, he is less likely to stick his nose in there to fight for every last yard.

6. Thermostat

Won't be hot. Game is still in Jacksonville. Who cares. Dawgs show it can be done.

7. Dawgs will make Florida One-Dimensional

Arkansas showed us how to do it. The defensive tackles have to play big. If they can get a decent push up front, Florida will have to rely on something else other than the dive play and the quarterback sneak. May have to even throw the ball.

8. Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin Play Big

Team Brandon comes to play. Boykin returns the ball to give Georgia short fields. Smith gets a couple of touches on offense and locks down Florida players in pass defense and run support. A.J. Green does his thing for a couple of touchdowns.

9. Georgia Players Have Not Forgotten

Florida tried to embarass Georgia last year. Sure, this has been a down year for UGA, but if you kick a junkyard Dawg, you'd better be ready for a fight.

Georgia comes out snarling. Goes home smiling.

10. SEC Officiating

If there's any time for them to get it right and not outright give the game to Florida, it's now. The SEC officiating crews do not want more bad press, so they'll be a little slower to throw flags on Georgia for celebration, while ignoring the same from Florida.

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