Friday, July 18, 2008

Recruiting: Torin Walker

Okay. Georgia's got three 'ships available for 2009. One has been claimed by Demario Mayfield, and one is ostensibly being saved for Derrick Favors.

Who gets the last one?

Since UGA has just one center, Albert Jackson, on the roster, Georgia is apparently pursuing several big men, including Shawn Kemp, Jr., Terrance Shannon and Daniel Miller. Ari Stewart, an athletic wing, is also in the mix.

Another possible signee is Torin Walker. Walker is out of Columbus, Georgia, and you don't hear too much about him. But according to this link, the kid has some serious athleticism.

Justin Young, basketball analyst for the Rivals network, seems to like him. Scroll down a bit in the attached article to get Justin's take.

Walker may not be the total package yet, but you can do a lot with a 6' 9", 230 lb guy who leaps over 30 inches and has great speed. The picture from the Sparqs website indicates that Walker might have his best physical development days ahead of him. If he hits the weights and convinces himself that he needs to play physically all the time, he could end up as a real enforcer down low. I am reminded of Steve Thomas, who was an anchor for a very good Georgia team that also included Jarvis Hayes, Ezra Williams and Chris Daniels.

If Torin Walker has a good attitude and grades, he could be a great signee. We'll see how this all turns out.

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