Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More on Marcus Thornton

He is considering requesting a release from his letter of intent to Clemson, now that Coach Purnell has bolted to DePaul.

Wouldn't that be interesting if Thornton somehow lands in UGA's lap. You'd have to think that we would want Polee, too, if we could find a way to have both of them. Would be an almost embarassment of riches for Fox, although we would suddenly have a log jam at the 4-position.

I would think that Thornton would likely move up to the wing.

It's a long shot, and the most likely scenario is that Thornton will stick with Clemson-- but who thought Purnell would leave? As they say, anything can happen. Thornton's family is apparently thinking along the lines of staying close to home, and Georgia has at least one 'ship to give.


bigtuck31 said...

Given the barren fields we've been dealt over the past handful of seasons, I will gladly accept a logjam.

DaugMan said...

You got that right. Sure, we need quality guard play, but if Gerald Robinson performs as advertised, and we get something from Dustin Ware and Brantley, we should be in decent shape.

You can't pass on Marcus Thornton if he wants to attend UGA. He reminds me of a cross between Al Horford and Josh Smith.

I know that's high praise for a guy who's still in high school, but if you can leap from just inside the foul line and dunk it, like in the video I posted, you have my full attention and support.

mr. sanchez said...

Calm down just a bit there Daugman. Horford is 6'10 and capable of play C in the NBA. Josh Smith is one of the freakiest athletes in the league, and rumor has it he can dunk from just inside the college 3 pt line, which is a HUGE difference from just inside the FT line. In the dunk contest a few years back, he did that just inside the foul line dunk, but unlike any other before him, used two hands. Freak!

Thornton may be a great get, but he ain't a future NBA C, or future top 5 athlete in the NBA.

I wonder if Brantley or his coach approached us last spring? Would have been nice to have him for depth this past year.

And the logjam could be resolved by simply redshirting Donte Williams and letting him add weight.

DaugMan said...

Lol! Great comment, Mr. Sanchez!

I guess I did get a little carried away, there.

If Thornton hits the weights and increases his vertical as much as he might, it will be interesting to discover where the ceiling is on his college-scene development.

Hopefully, he'll be wearing red and black when we all find out.