Monday, October 26, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Florida Will Blow Us Out

1. Tebow has something to Prove

He had a horrible game against Mississippi State, and he even skipped the post-game interviews with the media. He's angry and he's going to take it out on UGA.

2. Florida will not Play Poorly Three Games in a Row

All those fumbles against Arkansas. The interceptions against Mississippi State. A good team does not fail to execute on three consecutive weekends. Florida is better than good.

3. Bye Week Blues

UGA has had all this time off. In the meantime, Florida has been battle-tested. Our guys will come back sluggish, rather than rested, and UF will rattle off 21 points before Georgia crosses mid-field.

4. Team Speed

Georgia is getting there, but we can't quite match Florida's speed. Their backs and receivers will run past our guys.

5. The Spread

Teams with spread offenses and good running quarterbacks are beating up on the conventional pro-style offense teams. Florida and Tebow and Georgia Tech and Nesbitt just have better systems than Georgia's, and they will show it once again this year when both of our huge rivals win big over the Dawgs.

6. The Threat of the Thermostat

Let's face it. The weather is much too hot and humid in Jacksonville in late October/early November for Georgia to perform well. If the game were in December, look out!

7. Florida's Defense will Make UGA one-dimensional

Anybody remember last year's game? We had Knowshon Moreno and a running game that seemed much more proficient back then than now.

Florida loaded the line and made Georgia throw the ball. As good as Matthew Stafford was, we weren't able to execute. Florida won big.

Why would a defensive coordinator do anything other than employ the same strategy? Why would the same strategy not have the same result?

8. Brandon Spikes will be Back

Not that Florida needs him. Florida has shut down LSU. Shut down Tennessee. Spikes re-injured himself against Arkansas, and missed this past weekend's game, but somehow, some way, he will be able to play against Georgia.

9. Urban Meyer Still Has Not Forgotten

More of a distant memory, perhaps, than a fresh one, but the celebration by the Dawgs still sticks in his craw. He will bring his best coaching, best effort, best schemes out against Georgia.

10. SEC Refs

Isn't Penn Wagers officiating this weekend's game? Nuff said.

There's more scrutiny now than before, but don't expect Georgia to get the benefit of any close calls.

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