Friday, October 30, 2009

Bulldawgs' Leslie in Rarefied Air

I read with interest the news that Travis Leslie had eclipsed 45 inches in the Dawgs' most recent tests of vertical jumping ability.

When the team used to do the jumping measurements, UGA used the "standard vertical," that is having the players jump from a standing position. I understand that later coaches allowed players to take a one-step approach. Some other testers allow players a run-up before jumping.

As a result of the difference in testing procedures, comparisons between players are only so precise. And I have no idea which method Coach Fox uses. Nonetheless, surpassing 45 inches is incredible, whether from a standing position, one-step, or from a trampoline.

Here are some other vertical leaping measurements:

NBA Average: 28"

World Record: 55", held by former Globetrotter, Michael Wilson

Highest Reported: 61"

David Thompson, formerly of the NBA: 48"

Dominique Wilkins: 42"

Boss Bailey: 41"

Dr. J.: 41"

Vince Carter: 45"

Dequan Jones: 39"

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Kathy Travis said...

I love Travis Leslie. Dennis Felton did a great job of recruiting him. He has a tremendous amount of ability, and will put the Dawgs on the basketball map this year...In addition, Travis is a very nice and intelligent person. Thx for this article....:)