Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cady Lalanne Video

I like the way Lalanne finishes with a dunk. He knows what to do and how he's supposed to do it. He seems to run the floor fluidly. Keeps the ball up high on rebounds for put-backs. Has ability to score in close with either hand.

Lalanne needs to build his body more and gain more explosion off the ground. I also wonder if he "has the motor." Does he run hard the entire game and go all out for rebounds?

The best part about Lalanne is his upside. All the pieces are there. Good hands. Good form on his shot. Teachable kid. He has the height that you want a recruit to have, and he has the long arms that could make him a good rebounder.

The analogy breaks down at some point, but after watching the Hawks game last night, Lalanne reminds me somewhat of Al Horford. Horford was a guy who wasn't initially ranked, then bloomed somewhat late, going to #119 on the Rivals 150. He got better and better, and Florida was able to bag him.

If Lalanne works hard and gets into the right strength and conditioning program, he'll be able to tap into his potential. Hopefully, that process will take place at UGA. Expect to hear some news about Lalanne's commitment soon.


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