Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Surprise

Georgia lost to Florida. No surprise, there. I hate that my 38 to 12 prediction was pretty much right on the mark. Would have much rather eaten crow after a Georgia victory.

There will be lots of belly-aching on the message boards and in the media. Why not? We got whipped. Special Teams. Offense. Defense. Turnovers. Penalties. Everything.

When it was 3rd and 15 early in the game and we didn't even try to throw the football downfield, I wondered about the message we were sending Florida and our own team. Have we lost confidence in Cox?

The thought crossed my mind about whether Cox could benefit from Lasik surgery. He seems to stare down receivers as if he can't pick up other receivers quickly enough.

Black helmets did not help. Appears mostly foolish if you're worried about the impact of the heat.

Maybe we will have the "aha moment" that we need a different offensive system. Don't know what that means, but we might have to have a different offensive coordinator.

My concern is the impact that the loss will have on the team. Will Georgia rebound? Or will we have a losing season? Auburn, Kentucky and Georgia Tech can all beat us. Shucks. Perhaps Tennessee Tech can beat us, too.

We're not very good, so if we don't get our attitudes right, we might just mail it in for the rest of the year.

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