Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Questions for the 2012 Hoop Dawgs

Questions, questions.

1) Will Fox Become a Wolf?

Apparently N.C. State wants to talk to Mark Fox. If I'm Fox, I listen. Why? State can pay a lot more than UGA, and to be honest, that's why coaches have agents. The coaches can offer up polite denials, saying that they haven't spoken with anyone from such and such college, while they and their representatives are discussing details several times a day. The rep's try to get things lined up so that if the offer does have the kinds of terms that an up and coming coach wants, the coach can sign quickly.

2) Will Trey and Travis Test the Waters?

My best guess is that Trey is gone, but Travis will stay. Thompkins ended the season with a 26 and 9 game, in which he shot almost 80 percent from the floor, 100 percent from behind the arc, and 100 percent from the free throw line. He also showed that he had great hands and could even bring the ball up against the press.

With the injuries that Thompkins suffered this year, he might want to protect himself and his family. Travis, on the other hand, went 4 of 14 from the floor against Washington. If I'm not mistaken, all of his made shots were right at the basket, and he didn't hit a single jump-shot. He has enough to work on that the smart money says that he will take one more year to improve his handle and his mid-range game.

Of course my guesses about Trey and Travis assume that Fox stays in Athens and that the NBA season ends and begins as normal. The League's collective bargaining agreement ends in June. If things break down, then the best thing to do might be for both to stay for their senior seasons.

3) Can John Florveus and Tim Dixon Play?

Hate to say this, but from all I can tell, both will need a lot of work before they're big enough and strong enough to score consistently against SEC competition.

4) Who Will Man the Post?

If Trey leaves, Georgia will have a big void in the middle. With no JP, no Chris Barnes and no Thompkins, Georgia may wind up with the Bermuda Triangle Offense. If you throw the ball into the post, no one knows what will happen.

5) What's up with Recruiting?

Will Phillip Jurick sign? Anyone else? Who is this guy from Montenegro, and is he really better than the available kids from right here in Georgia?

6) Can Georgia Attract a Transfer?

If Sidney Lowe and Bruce Pearl are let go, Georgia may be able to pick up a guy like Marcus Thornton. Either a guy who decommits and asks for his release from the letter of intent, or a person who wants to find a new place to play, even if he has to sit out a year.

7) Will Georgia be Good Enough to Escape the Lower Half of the SEC East?

Florida and Kentucky are in the Sweet Sixteen again. Georgia, again, is not. They will have a deep bench next year. Vandy will be good again and so will Tennessee. I know it's early yet, but we all hope that we can close the gap some between those guys and Georgia.

8) Can Thornton and Williams Step Up?

Marcus Thornton and Donte Williams will be the only post players with any experience. They both did quite well in high school, and they have a good bit of athleticism. They'll have to show it next year.

9) How well will Kentavious Caldwell Play?

He'll be a freshman, and he'll have to learn the triangle offense. But can Caldwell-Pope give Georgia the kind of size and shooting ability that the team needs?

10) Will 2012 be a Year of Stability and Steady Improvement, or Transition and Rebuilding for the Dawgs?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

1. You don't seriously believe that NC State can pay a coach more than UGA can, do you? Have you been to the new Steg? NC State is ALWAYS 3rd wheel in their own city and do not even play in their own gym. Now that Pearl is gone, UGA just moved up a notch in the SEC pecking order.

2. Of course Trey is gone, but Travis should come back and learn to handle the ball and develop an outside shot.

3. Neither of them really needs to have much of an offensive game. They need to block shots, rebound and make layup. Jeremy Price shot about 30% on layups this year. Reports on Dixon and Florveus are that they are not skilled but that they can run and jump. Offense will be totally guard dominated.

7. Yes. Tennessee took a huge step back today, and once the NCAA hammer comes down, they will be back to Buzz Peterson days. UF loses Macklin, Parsons and Tyus, and they have been overachieving all year anyway. Vandy will likely lose Jenkins. UK's recruiting class is sick, but after them, the East will be up for grabs.

9. Caldwell should be the 6th man and give us an offensive threat we did not have this year. This team lacked only a 3-point marksman, and Caldwell will immediately stretch defenses.

DaugMan said...

Thanks for the response, Anon.

You're right, of course. UGA could pay a basketball coach more than NC State. But the jury is out on whether Georgia would in fact beat the offer that NC State would put on the table if they really wanted Fox.

Great comments.