Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Georgia Releases 2008/2009 Men's Basketball Schedule

Looks pretty tough to me.


Besides the always difficult slate of SEC games, Georgia is playing a good number of out of conference foes that did well last year, including the following teams:

Georgia Tech:

Although Tech won't have a very deep bench this year, their starting five can play with anybody. M. Miller, L. Clinch, G. Lawal, Z. Peacock, and I. Shumpert all have game. The home team normally wins in the Georgia-Georgia Tech basketball rivalry, and this year's game is in Atlanta.


Went 10 and 6 in the conference. Missouri beat a Kansas State team that featured Billy Walker and Michael Beasley, and also upended a tough Texas squad.

Western Kentucky:

Sweet 16 team. They went 29 and 7 on the year and 16 and 2 in the conference. Champs of the Sunbelt Conference. Western Kentucky lost their head coach to South Carolina and their leading scorer, Courtney Lee, to graduation, but they still have a number of good pieces. Coach Felton once considered Steffphon Pettigrew for a scholarship offer. Although we didn't offer, Pettigrew showed that he can compete. He was named the Sunbelt Conference Newcomer of the Year.

Virginia Tech:

Another 20-game winner. They went 21 and 14 for the year, narrowly losing by 2 points to UNC, blitzing UAB and doing a good job in the ACC.

Besides the teams above, Georgia is sure to face some stiff competition in the Preseason NIT. And we start off the SEC schedule with a game against Tennessee.

I like the fact that we're already on tap for 8 t.v. appearances, and I'm glad to see Georgia play a more challenging schedule. I just hope we can still find a way to succeed. I'd like to win 20 games this year.


jpt said...

I don't think it is THE Texas A&M that we're playing, I think it's A&M-Corpus Christi.

Still a good schedule, though. I hate that the Illinois game is the same day as the SECCG, that'd be a cool game to go to in Chicago

Paul Westerdawg said...

We're not playing Texas A&M. It's TAMU-CC.

I like the blog.

DaugMan said...

Thanks, guys. I caught the error after reading Paul Westerdawg's analysis. I was hoping to go back in there and fix it before anybody noticed. Ha!

Appreciate your comments and your help for making the blog better and more informative.

I'll go in and change it now.