Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inexact Science

You don't often hear "experts" criticize the value of their own opinions, but that's pretty much the case in the attached article.

Far from Perfect

Fans put so much emphasis on the big-name recruits. Who are the 5-stars, and where are they going? And why didn't Georgia get more of them?

But when you look back three seasons to 2005 and see who were the recruits who were getting all the buzz, and you examine whether they are seniors in 2008 who are contributing to the colleges that signed them, you start to re-assess things.

A full third of the marquee recruits from 2005 transferred from their original schools. Other guys stayed with their schools, but they just didn't pan out. Some recruits, to be sure, would have been excellent college players, but were selected to the NBA draft.

Best bet for the wise college coach? Be sure to check out the late bloomers, so says one expert. Maybe guys like Sundiata Gaines and Dave Bliss and Terrance Woodbury.

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