Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patric Young is in Demand

Patric Young is being courted by a number of high majors. After playing well on the AAU circuit this past summer, Young quickly went from being virtually unknown on a national level to being a highly sought after recruit.

Georgia was on Young relatively early, and rightfully so. The guy is a player.

Events of recent days, particularly the injuries to Anyaorah, Thompkins and Jackson, underscore the fact that there is strength in numbers. You absolutely have to find a way to get balance between upper and underclassmen, between big men and back court players. At the same time, it has to be the right person-- a guy who projects to have the talent and work ethic to succeed at Georgia, both on the court and off.

Well, it looks like Patric Young fits the bill for UGA. As the video below shows, he is a powerful high-riser who really enjoys the game of basketball.

Young Video

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