Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Steve Thomas in Korea

Steve Thomas has moved around a bit since he left Georgia.

After the transition from Harrick to Felton, Thomas transferred to Middle Tennessee State and finished his college career. Since then, Thomas has had stints in the CBA and playing internationally (click on Steve's name to see earlier article for details).

Thomas just recently left the Phillipines and the AirExpress squad and is now playing in Korea.


My Korean is a little bit rusty (ha), but I can tell you that his number is 55 and his nickname is "Pooh."

Thomas' team, the MagicWings, are 0 and 5 this season. Steve should be able to help them out with his physical play around the basket.

I'll continue to follow Thomas as he plays in the Korean League, but this will take some work.

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