Monday, November 10, 2008

Another SEC Preview,

another prediction with Georgia finishing last.

Okay, so these guys are biased. It's still a good read for those who are hungry for basketball information.

They have Kentucky finishing first over UT. Now, Kentucky may challenge UT this year, and I have written about it, but things have to break just right. If Meeks gets hurt again, or if Patterson gets in foul trouble, UK will have some problems.


UT is deep and talented. Losing Cameron Tatum to injury was a big deal. Not sure when he will be back. But with a healthy Scotty Hopson and Emanuel Negedu, UT has definitely reloaded. A team with a really good point guard and a big scoring center could give them problems, but UT will knock out most opponents with the press.

Florida could surprise. They had a really good year last year when most thought they would be rebuilding. Donovan can coach. If Vargas and their other freshman big man, Kadji, play well, UF could be competing for the top. Losing Lucas will hurt their depth in the back court, but not that much.

Vanderbilt lost Foster. He could score from anywhere on the floor. But as usual, Vandy will benefit by playing games on their strange court, so expect a good home record for them. Besides that, Vanderbilt has real talent in the front court. Their freshmen will be better than most expect. Not sure where they will end up if teams play zone against them.

South Carolina. No new recruits. A new coach. Downey can play and Mike Holmes will be much better. Zam Frederick and a couple of the others will score from the wing. They don't seem to be big enough in the post.

Georgia. No one knows what we have. More and more injuries have hit. Anyaorah out for the year. Thompkins with various knee and ankle issues. Jackson suffering a sprained ankle at the end of the first exhibition game. Add that to the personnel losses (Gaines, Bliss, Humphrey and Jacob), and a schedule with a series of tough games, and Georgia could start off slowly.

Feel free to leave a comment with your predictions for how the SEC East will turn out.

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