Saturday, November 15, 2008

Georgia over South Carolina Upstate

The Good.

Travis Leslie: Great body control. High-flying dunks. Went 3 of 4 from the free throw line. Led the team in scoring in limited minutes.

Troy Brewer got out on the break and dunked on a guy. Who knew he was that athletic?

Albert Jackson and Terrance Woodbury are apparently over their injuries.

Drazen Zlovaric looked good. So did Zac Swansey and Dustin Ware.

Chris Barnes showed his usual ups on one occasion.

Contributions from up and down the bench.

The Bad.

Georgia was outrebounded. Think the final margin was 41 to 30.

The 3-point shooting was bad. Maybe bad enough to put it in the "ugly" category, but I will attribute Woodbury's 1 for 7 night to the fact that he is coming off an injury.

Albert Jackson fouled out. I think he had 0 points and just a few rebounds. I'll take it for this game, but he will have to stay out of foul trouble over the next couple of games.

If we rebound like we did and shoot like we did, SEC teams will blow us out.

The Ugly.

Gxtra was terrible. I gave them props last week. This week I have to take it back. Horrible buzz on the audio. Awful replays that showed slow-moving ad's before the replay started. No way to keep up with the score. Freeze-frames often.
I appreciate the effort, but the execution was way off.

Georgia's offensive sets. I keep thinking that UGA will get better in this regard. Please, let Pete Herrmann go see Mike Woodson's staff of the Atlanta Hawks and let's learn some new plays.

Jeremy Price's injury. Reports are that he got poked in the eye, twice. I hope he is okay. Howard Thompkins is still hobbled. Albert Jackson is just coming off a rolled ankle. Chris Barnes still has some brace on his wrist. If Price can't go in the NIT, we have 2 players in the post and I don't see how Georgia wins more than one out of the four games.

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