Monday, November 10, 2008

Core Strengths

The AJC went at the season prediction articles from a different angle. Maybe they do this every year and I have just missed it.

Anyway, they recently gave an overview of how Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia State might do this year. It's in somewhat of a Q&A format.

Three Teams

Gani Lawal scored 30 the other night. Over-matched opponent, but if he plays to his capability this year, he could post some big games for Tech. Some people don't like Lance Storrs, but I do. He is a big guard with great shooting range. Smart player who came out of the same high school system as Jeremy Price and Travis Leslie.

Tech will have to play with a short bench, and the ACC is always tough. Their core is pretty solid, though. And they will have a lot of help coming next year.

Georgia State will be getting better and better. James Fields came in and saved them the other night. If Rashanti Harris gets in school, State might start building something.

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