Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, like I said, Florida has pretty much owned us. Even worse, they are 5 and 1 in the SEC. Hard to catch up when your next game is at Kentucky and we still have to go down to Gainesville and over to Tennessee.

We're 3 and 3, and we just have to hope that the other guys take Florida down a notch to have any chance of winning the East. The East is so tough that we could be a pretty good team and end up in last place.

Hat's off to Donovan. He defended the triangle about as well as anyone I've seen. His wrinkle? Not playing Jeremy Price in the high-low offense. Price didn't even look to take a couple of bounces toward the basket for the 12-footer. He played a great game on the low block, but he just has to be more aggressive if he catches the ball up by the free throw line.

Maybe later in the year after Thornton gets healthy, we can put him at the top of the triangle and see what he can do.

Proud of our guys for fighting back, but way too many careless turnovers and missed free throws.


Philip said...

thornton healthy?

DaugMan said...

I understand that Thornton either got sick or injured at the beginning of the season, and that he has been slow to recover.