Monday, November 9, 2009

D. J. Shockley to CFL?

D.J. Shockley was cut recently by the Atlanta Falcons, and from all indications, he won't be picked back up by the team.

It appears that at least one team in the Canadian Football League is interested in bringing Shockley in.

I wouldn't be surprised to see D.J. go to the CFL. It will give him a chance to showcase what he can do if he gets regular playing time, and it may ultimately lead to another chance with the NFL.


Anonymous said...

Daug, what about this new UFL? Are their rosters set, or do they have training squads? I've seen a few of those games, he could play with those guys.

DaugMan said...

Great question, Anon.

I haven't seen any of the UFL games. I'll read up some on the UFL and maybe write about it in the future.

In the meantime, does any other reader of the Blog have feedback?