Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hawks over Knicks

Final score: 114 to 101.

The Hawks could have easily lost the game last night. The Knicks were shooting over 60 percent there for a while, playing in front of their home crowd.

Although the Knicks are not very good this year, they have some players who can put up big numbers. Al Harrington had it working in the first half, Larry Hughes got hot, and then Tony Douglas started to shoot the ball well.

But the Hawks didn't fold. They got the ball to Al Horford, and he delivered. Solid game from Josh Smith, too, with a double-double. Mike Bibby hit open jump shots. And Joe Johnson, who didn't shoot well in the first half, seemed not to be able to miss in the second.

Nothing much from Marvin Williams. Not a whole lot of scoring from Jamal Crawford, although he did play well.

The Hawks are 6 and 2 on the year. In 3rd place in the East. They'll struggle against teams with big post players, like Cleveland, Orlando, and Boston, but you have to like the way Atlanta is playing right now.

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