Friday, November 13, 2009

I Got a New Attitude

While I'm at it, using songs as titles for my posts, (I assume that most readers caught the John Lennon reference in my last post), I decided to throw some Patti Labelle in there.

Labelle's "New Attitude" song might be the theme for Georgia's year. We don't have too many new players to speak of, but our coach has given us a new perspective and approach to the game, and that might be enough to get us some wins.


I will say that I like the line-up, if it's correct. Putting Jeremy Price in there with Chris Barnes and Trey Thompkins will give our starting five some height. We won't be as quick on the perimeter, since Dustin Ware will be paired with Travis Leslie in the backcourt. I'm not sure how long we will stay with the new look, especially if we have trouble advancing the ball. But we shouldn't be outrebounded.

I'd like to see Ebuka Anyaorah be the first person off the bench, followed by Drazen Zlovaric.

Should be fun.

Georgia vs. the New Orleans Privateers. Tonight!

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