Saturday, November 14, 2009

Auburn Comes to Athens

I feel like such a bad fan. It really is discouraging to face a football game at home against a rival, and believe that UGA will lose.

Part of the challenge of having a Blog is to force myself to go on the record and predict the outcome of upcoming games. I'm the biggest "homer" that there is, and ordinarily I would always pick UGA to win games, no matter what the sport, no matter which team the opponent.

However, on a Blog I feel like I must be intellectually honest, and choose which team will win, regardless of my hopes and natural inclinations.

So here it is...

I will be pulling like crazy for the Dawgs, but I don't see a way for us to win. Our defense isn't strong. Our offense has been one-dimensional. I can't see any of that changing today.

There will be no black-out in Sanford Stadium and no victory either. Auburn wins by at least a touchdown, something like 21 to 14.

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