Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Corey Butler!

Corey Butler deserves to have a nice picture in the Red and Black. Great representative of the program. Delighted that he is on scholarship for his last year. I have high hopes for him as we kick off the season with Corey starting at the 2-guard.

In the South Carolina Upstate game, Butler forced at least three tie-ups. Not all became turnovers, but Butler is willing to stick his nose in there, sometimes against bigger guys, and force the turnover or change in the possession arrow.

I want to see Butler go after it on the offensive end. Drive the ball, shoot when open. He can do it.

Butler is a key cog for the Dawgs, one of the three captains for the year. Perhaps that's why I took particular exception to


Come on, Red and Black. Please have someone who knows basketball edit your sports articles. Easy mistake to make, but unacceptable to Dawg fans. It's Corey Butler!

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