Friday, November 21, 2008

Georgia Beats Presbyterian

Final score: 55 to 47.

I did it last time, so I'll repeat it maybe one last time, using the good, bad and ugly analysis method.


Travis Leslie was 2 for 2. Troy Brewer hit a 3 right away. The Dawgs took it to the inside. Chris Barnes went 3 for 4. Zac Swansey was the player of the game, imo, shooting 6 for 10 from the floor and getting 6 rebounds.

Georgia played well without Albert Jackson and without Howard Thompkins. Georgia got behind and turned it around on a 13 to 0 run. Georgia played full court press.


I consider the "bad" to be things that I'd like to see happen differently.

So, I think Travis Leslie deserves more playing time. He was 2 of 2 from the field and got 6 rebounds in very limited minutes. He was the spark off the bench that the Dawgs needed.


Foul shooting. Atrocious. We shot 2 for 11. Our point guards have to shoot well from the free throw line, particularly at the end of games, and they're not doing it.

Terrance Woodbury did not shoot well-- 5 for 14. He needs to score the basketball and shoot a high percentage.

We were losing in the second half to Presbyterian. Not good.

Bottom Line:

A win is a win. Georgia is 3 and 1 on the season. Two more games coming next week. We need to get both of these, and ease Thompkins back into the mix.

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