Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daniel Miller gets Write-up in Walton Tribune

Miller has been playing well to start the new season.

The Walton Tribune followed Miller's signing and the subsequent comments by Coach Felton.

Felton is putting his stamp on the program. He is bringing in high-character, high-academic guys who will put the team first.

From a purely basketball standpoint, I think Felton is getting a guy who can help. Some have compared Miller to Rashaad Singleton. I think the better comparison might be Dave Bliss.

Overlooked somewhat by other schools, Bliss came on board, hit the weights, and was instrumental in Georgia's return to respectable basketbll and the Dawgs' SEC Tournament Championship run. But for the chronic problems with his back, Bliss would have contributed much, much more.

The major difference between Miller and both Singleton and Bliss is on the offensive end. Singleton really struggled unless it was a dunk. Bliss developed a decent shot from the foul-line in. Miller, on the other hand, has better fundamentals at the same point in his career. He might not be the athlete that Bliss was, but if Miller builds up his body and toughens up, he could anchor the middle for Georgia and perform well for the future.


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