Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's play Travis Leslie More

Travis Leslie played just 16 minutes last night. In that time, he had 4 points on 2 for 2 shooting. He was fantastic on the boards, too, getting 6 rebounds, 2 of which were on the offensive end.

Leslie also had 2 blocked shots. These were hustle plays, that were critical to Georgia going on its 13 to 0 run in the second half.

Coach Felton said in the post-game show that Leslie is not as familiar as he would like with the defensive philosophy, and is "playing on instinct out there."

Yet and still, the guy had incredible production in just 16 minutes. If this is instinct, I'll take it.

Since Terrance had an off night (5 for 14, 0 for 3 from long distance, 0 for 1 from the free throw line, with 3 turnovers), and Leslie hasn't missed from the field, I'd sit Woodbury for a while and ride the hot hand. After getting a blow, bring Woodbury back out and slide Leslie up to the 2-guard, or even down to the 4-position. Anything. I, for one, would love to see him play more.

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