Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shawn Kemp, Jr., to Washington?

Did the Reign Man convince his son to sign with Lorenzo Romar?

Since Jr. is still in high school, he can't be an "incoming freshman" at Washington for fall of 2008. Maybe Shawn Kemp, Sr. or the author of the article, got the dates a little off, but the destination right.

Having Shawn Kemp, Jr., come out to Washington makes sense. I think that even if the elder heads over to play in Italy, his base of activity is still Seattle. He would want his son to be close by.

We can probably expect an announcement pretty soon that Shawn Kemp, Jr., is off the board.


Bop said...

Was excited when I just found your blog. Look forward to being a regular visitor.

DaugMan said...

Welcome aboard.