Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oliver Purnell Announces Cancer Benefit

Oliver Purnell, basketball coach for the Clemson Tigers, will host a benefit celebration to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.


I have often remarked at how similar is Clemson's basketball program to Georgia's. Purnell was brought in right about the time that Felton was hired.

Purnell and Felton are good friends, and both of them appear to run the same offense. Clemson has had better talent, but hopefully that disparity has started to be diminished.

Both programs emphasize defense first. And Clemson made it to the ACC Tournament Finals last year and then to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 10 years. Of course, Georgia won the SEC Tournament and played in the NCAA Tournament.

This is more of a stretch, but I can see Chris Barnes becoming a Trevor Booker-type player in the next year or so.

Purnell got a few 3-stars coming in as recruits, including Tanner Smith and Andre Young from the Atlanta and Albany areas, respectively. Those two remind me of Drazen Zlovaric and Dustin Ware, incoming Georgia recruits.

I hope that the Oliver and Vicky Purnell fundraiser turns out well.

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