Monday, August 4, 2008

Jason Morris is an Elite Performer

Georgia was on him early, but it sure is crowded around this guy.

New England Recruiting Report has the best profile of Morris that I have seen. Their profile and video are free.

As evidenced by the video, Morris has nice form on his jumpshot. And he is a high-riser. The guy jumped 6' 3" as a freshman track athlete back in 2006. Here's the link:

He won't graduate until 2010, so he has a couple years to work on getting his vertical up to where it matches mine... Ha!

Georgia has a chance to sign Jason Morris for the 2010 class. Morris is originally from Augusta, I think, and I believe that he attended camp at UGA.

Looks like we'll only have one scholarship to give. But if Jason Morris is the signee, I would consider that to be good work for the recruiting staff.

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