Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brandon Boykin Time

Let's face it.

Boykin is a stud. Fast with insane hops. He is very accustomed to shutting down the other team's point guard, and handling the ball against tight defense. His combination of speed and ability to finish makes him an almost ideal press-buster.

Teams will continue to press Georgia until we get someone to help us advance the ball. Dustin Ware and Ricky McPhee are doing okay, but we need someone who is confident with the ball and can take it all the way to the hoop off of set plays or when we beat the press.

Boykin is Travis Leslie in cleats. He could get us 8 to 10 points off the bench.

Coach Richt, we could use him, so you and Coach Fox get together for the good of the entire athletic program at UGA and let's get Boykin in his sneaks at the first opportunity.


Ollllddude said...

I am always for two sport players that are special athletes because it helps more than one team, and for that matter, helps with recruiting because players like doing it. But, it doesn't always work - I wonder if Fred Gibson would have had a better NFL career if had been just a football player, and Buck Belue never made it at the next level in either football or baseball. If he had picked just one, you never know what might have happened. But mainly, we need help down low worse, imo. Kentucky is a good team, and mostly, we beat their press and played with them to a tie score in their house until we lost both Jackson and Barnes.

DaugMan said...

I wonder then, if there are a couple of guys who could help us.

Boykin to help us advance the ball and cut down on turnovers (I think if we would have had something closer to 15 turnovers, instead of 26, we would have won going away); and a big man to give us one more option in the post.

My ideal candidate for two-sport play would be someone who is either under-utilized and down on the depth chart, or an upper-classman who knows he's not going to the pro's as a football player but still loves to compete and still loves basketball.

Marlon Brown? Vince Vance? Kiante Tripp?

Ollllddude said...

Marlon Brown is intriguing. I never watched him play basketball, but have heard reports he is a major round ball talent that just chose football for college. He's already had a broken hand, though. Vince Vance - I have no idea; doesn't look like a basketballer to me but I have NO doubt he could block out. Kiante Tripp might actually work, too. Big, athletic, but unsure about his hands (same is true of Vance - sooner or later you have to touch the ball). If Brown wasn't an injury risk, I would be all for it.

DaugMan said...

Good comments, OD.

I have no idea on whether Vance could actually be a serviceable big man. He is one of our taller football players, and you're right-- with his size, he would have no trouble establishing and maintaining position.

The question is whether he could move once he got there. Anyway, we could have used just one more big body Saturday night.

Kiante Tripp used to play basketball at Westlake. From reports, he was pretty good. The coaches at Georgia moved him around so much that he never did get set at one position for football. And he had to change his body for each position (tight end, offensive lineman, defensive end). Unfortunately, once we got some healthy bodies back, Tripp did not see as much playing time at any of the positions this year. He may be ready to try something different.

I think I posted some video on Marlon Brown some time ago. Do a search on "Marlon", and you should be able to find it.

At the end of the day, getting a football player to walk on is a long shot. They would need to pick up at least the basics of the triangle offense, and I don't want a guy who would get into academic trouble because he got so busy.

I just remember that a lot of the football players when I was there were very good basketball players, and one or two studs would make a huge difference for Coach Fox and the hoops squad.