Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marcus Thornton Video

Impressive slam that was posted last year on YouTube.

Serious Hops.


Mr. Sanchez said...

maybe you were more right than I thought in your early comparison ;)

Personally, I'm hoping we get someone similar to Jumaine Jones, hopefully a little more school-inclined and he sticks around longer. Plus we won't need the immediate go-to role Jumaine had to fill for Jirsa.

DaugMan said...


Let's hope he gives us what Jumaine did. I like what Thornton brings to the table-- maybe even a little more than Jumaine, as unfair as that comparison is. I realize that Thornton has not played one college game.

With that said, from what I recall, Jumaine started drifting to the perimeter a bit too much. He could dunk it, for sure, but I don't remember much of his mid-range game.

Blame it on my age.

mr. sanchez said...

Jumaine hit over a 3 per game, and averaged around 35% in his two years.
And played mostly SF in the NBA.

Although on those teams, he did pretty much everything, so true position wasn't really that identifiable between the 3 and 4. Although I get your point on mid range, as I can't really recall either. But then, Fox can probably teach him to play from 7-18 feet a little better than Jirsa did JJ.