Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woo-Hoo! Marcus Thornton to Dawgs!

Fantastic news!

As I posted previously, put Leslie, Thompkins, Robinson and Thornton on the floor together, and UGA will be able to offer a really fun brand of basketball.

Thornton's decision for Georgia is huge for our future recruiting prospects. He is a home-town kid, and when he plays well, all the big-time recruits in Georgia will know. We may be able to bring in kids like Dai-Jon Parker and Julian Royal for 2011.

Great get for the Dawgs, and I can't wait to see him suit up.


Kevin said...

Top 25 here we come! Thompkins, Leslie, Robinson and Thornton. Not to mention Ware, Price, Barnes, Ebuka, Vincent and the 2 kids we already signed. When does basketball season start? Haven't been looking this forward to college basketball in a loooong time.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Daijon Parker does not have us really high on his list according to the guys at rivals...